Staff of RNW´s Africa desk

Founded in 1947, RNW is the Dutch international public broadcaster. Around 90 employees work at the head office in Hilversum, the Netherlands. RNTC and dBmg are part of the RNW Group.

ManagementRNW´s directors Robert Zaal and William Valkenburg
RNW is headed by an Editor-in-Chief and a Director, who are jointly responsible for the realisation of the mission and targets of the organisation. Robert Zaal took office as Director on November 1st 2012 and William Valkenburg began work as Editor-in-Chief on January 1st 2013.

Supervisory Board
The Supervisory Board oversees the policy of the Board of Directors and the general running of RNW. The supervisors appoint the Board of Directors and act as a sounding board. Members of the Supervisory Board are:

  • Bernard Bot (Chair)RNW's Supervisory Board members Anna Chojnacka, Fons van Westerloo, Sander ’t Sas, Annemiek van Melick and Bernard Bot (Chair)
  • Fons van Westerloo
  • Anna Chojnacka
  • Annemiek van Melick
  • Sander ’t Sas

Editorial Staff
The journalists at RNW work in four teams aiming at different regions: Africa, the Arabic World, Latin America and China. They use English, French, Arabic, Spanish and Chinese. Another editorial team works on projects related to the themes linked to RNW’s mission: Free speech, human rights, sexual rights, good governance and democracy.

Our content consists of audio, video, photographs and text. There is also an increasing focus on interactivity, giving individual media users the opportunity to submit content.
Ensuring editorial independence is essential to all of RNW's productions. RNW applies the "highest standards of accuracy, reliability, pluralism and impartiality," as expressed in the statutes.

RNW Group
RNTC and dBmg are part of the RNW Group.

RNTCRNTC training centre
The international training centre RNTC is based in the Netherlands offering media professionals working in broadcast, print and online media. RNTC is part of RNW and has over 45 years of experience in short, focused courses tailored to the needs of mid-career professionals in journalism and media. In everything we offer, our guiding principle is ‘learning by doing’.

The organisation offers a wide variety of international courses for journalists, programme-makers, trainers, managers and NGO staff in The Netherlands, as well as refresher courses for alumni and tailor-made training here and in the field. For most courses, scholarships are available. All RNTC’s courses are open to both paying and sponsored participants.

In short: RNTC can design and implement training solutions to meet every need in the world of media. More info at

dBmg media groupdBmg
dBmg – Dutch Broadcasters provides technical facilities and engineers for radio and multimedia. dBMG offers services for all audio productions, ranging from radio and web to the technical sound production at live events. More info (in Dutch):