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Love Matters Recommended as a Top Digital Tool for Family Planning

While the number of digital health interventions providing access to information on family planning in low- and middle-income countries is growing, little is known about the quality of these services. FHI 360 decided to bring clarity, by assessing the comprehensiveness and accuracy of eleven tools and selected Love Matters as one of the top interventions.


Love matters in times of crisis

Coronavirus is taking its toll on sexual and reproductive rights around the world. RNW Media’s Love Matters platforms are responding in a range of ways intended to inform and support their young audience.


Love Matters Naija

Conversation with their online community is at the heart of Love Matters Naija’s work. They have created a bond of trust with the audience – meaning young Nigerians are willing to share intimate stories from their lives.


Love Matters – youth SRHR for change

Comprehensive sexuality education is key to the fulfillment of young people’s SRHR – and Love Matters works to make this available in restrictive settings.