Egyptian cartoonist Doaa Eladl at work in her Cairo office
David Degner

Cartoon projects

A direct and funny route to getting the picture and provoking discussion

Cartoons are a playful, attractive and popular art form, triggering discussion in a direct and unique way. One of RNW’s cartoon projects is 360 Degrees, a successful cross-media partnership between Cartoon Movement, the RNW Arab Desk and RNW media partners in Egypt, Yemen and Morocco.

360 Degrees cartoons are created on the basis of tweets from the audience who then discuss the illustrations on social media and other forums. The project offers perspectives from the Arab World set against perspectives from other continents on a range of social themes, thus presenting a 360 degree view of the issues.

Cartoons are a key aspect of visual expression in the Arab World, Africa and Latin America. The websites and Facebook pages of RNW’s Africa and Latin America desks run weekly cartoons on topical issues produced by local artists.

The Arab Desk’s 360 Degrees partnership had two active partners in Egypt: Masrawy en Al-Masry Al-Youm. Other partners include Hespress in Morocco, Al Sharq in Saudi Arabia and Almasdar online in Yemen.

The Africa desk works with Cartooning for Peace Foundation, Caric’actu and on and offline cartoon magazine Kata Kata

The Latin American desk works with Mexican cartoon blogger Victor Velez

All cartoons draw considerable response on social media, particularly from youngsters.


360 Degrees cartoons posted on RNW’s provoked more interaction than plain text posts.

“Freedom of opinion, freedom of cult, freedom of thought, all of them are more important than water or air, and without it life has no meaning.”
Author A.Hossam ElDin (@ahmed7osam1989) from Egypt on Twitter

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