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El Toque

Upbeat multimedia platform that pushes boundaries and sparks debate in Latin America

It's informal, innovative and experimental. It’s on air and online. And it reaches out to touch you. El Toque (The Touch) is a wide-open Spanish-language platform for new perspectives and challenging ideas.

Every day, young Latin American listeners kick off discussions on social media, picking themes and posing questions for El Toque.

These talking points range from alternative education to legalising cannabis. Violence is a recurrent theme both in Venezuela and Mexico. Questions about sex are passed on to the RNW’s Spanish-language Love Matters team.

El Toque reverses traditional roles in media: the producer now listens to his audience and listeners/readers ultimately determine the content, form and tone of the programme.

RNW partners in Mexico, Venezuela and Cuba contribute to the platform with reports or interviews. Every other week the Tecnológico de Monterrey University supplies a show from the Mexican capital.

El Toque's special output for Cuba is powered by the Cuban blogosphere. The influential news portal lapatilla.​com in Venezuela is one of many Latin American websites featuring content from El Toque.​com. The biggest partner in Mexico, Prodigy MSN, often republishes El Toque articles and videos.

El Toque's radio broadcasts terminated in September 2014. It was rebroadcast by hundreds of radio stations in Latin America. Sinpries, the Mexican university radio network with more than 40 stations, was the biggest partner.



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