Student at Tripoli University, Libya, attend UNSMIL workshop on human rights © UN Photo - Iason Foounten.jpg
Students at Tripoli University, Libya, attend UNSMIL workshop on human rights
UN Photo - Iason Foounten

Huna Sotak

Young Arab voices on topics that count

Huna Libya, Yemen Youth Panel and Ma3akom are the three most important projects showcased on RNW Media's Arabic-language website.

‘Here’s your voice’ is the literal translation of Huna Sotak, RNW Media’s platform for the MENA region (Middle East North Africa). From Rabat to Sana’a, RNW tackles the untold stories other media leave aside. Pressing stories about themes that are hot in the region: democracy, free speech and equality.

Cooperating with leading media partners in the region, RNW Media’s Arabic team is a voice for young people. Teaming up with like-minded organisations, RNW tackles prominent issues faced by youth and stimulates debate.

Key projects:

  • Huna Libya is a live one-hour magazine programme, broadcast to Libya every Monday via satellite, FM and Livestream. It’s an interactive radio show catering for a young audience, who contribute through phone-ins, facebook posts or WhatsApp and Viber voice messages.
  • Yemen Youth Panel surveys Yemeni youth about issues that matter in their lives, and turns their opinions into web articles and radio programmes. The panel gives a voice to young people who are usually unheard in traditional media.
  • Ma3akom is the only dedicated independent satellite channel broadcasting to Syria and millions of Syrian refugees. Courageous correspondents risk their lives as they try to report objectively from the streets of Damascus, Homs and Aleppo.


Huna Sotak targets 15-30-year-olds in Egypt, Libya, Morocco, Saudi Arabia, Syria and Yemen. A wide-range of media partners redistribute Huna Sotak’s content via the web, radio and television.

Major partners include: Al-Wasat, Al Masry Al Youm, Al Masdar Online, Hespress, MSN Arabia, Radio Benghazi FM and Radio Rozana.


Stats for the Huna Sotak website (12-11-2013 tot 01/01/2015): 

  • Unique visitors:  2,770,000
  • Pageviews: 540,000

The Facebook page of Huna Sotak has 435,000 likes.


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