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Internet Freedom

Creating informed netizens across all of RNW’s major regions

Does your government know all about your porn watching habits? Is Facebook a great tool for organising protests or does it make you an easy target for state surveillance? How can you access an uncensored internet?

From viral videos to censorship, from surveillance to cyber war, the internet presents both opportunities and dangers. With stories, blog posts, videos and tips, RNW Media helps young people navigate the online world.

RNW Media believes its main themes – democracy, good governance, human rights and sexual rights – are just as relevant online as offline.

Stories are published on the websites of RNW Media’s regional desk websites, and distributed via local partners.

Content is redistributed by local content partners such as AllAfrica.​com (Africa), MSN Arabia, Masrawy (Egypt), Hespress (Morocco), China Radio International (China), QQ.​com (China) Animal Político (Mexico), Sin Embargo (Mexico), Blogosfera Cuba (Cuba).


Young people’s reactions to stories about Internet Freedom:

“In China, state media lie every day, so social media are increasingly becoming the only source of information about topics like food security and social justice for ordinary people. Without social media, we can’t get properly informed. We don’t waste time on the internet!” 香港飞虎队 reacts to a RNW blog post on social media platform Tencent Weibo.

“The more they try to control and watch, the more it will encourage people to destroy the handcuffs – the people watching us forget that we are a generation with a lot of skills and capabilities that they will be unable to control. We still live in an era of restrictions on freedom and of not taking human intelligence seriously.” Hanan Ibrahim Jack (Sudan)


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