RNW staff group photo © Mirjam van den Berg
2014 protest: RNW staff in support of jailed Al Jazeera journalists

Annual report

We’re proud of what we achieved in 2014: a higher output, a wider exposure and a 46 percent increase in overall visitor numbers.

  RNW Annual Report 2014 (English version)
  RNW Annual Report 2014 (Dutch version)

In 2014, RNW Media reached more than 15 million people through its websites, an increase of almost 50 percent on the previous year. In the same period, our social media community doubled to more than three million.

Over 80 percent of our visitors agree that our websites open their eyes to different perspectives and help them form an opinion. Three out of four say we make it easier to discuss taboo subjects.

What’s our secret? RNW Media has the energy and dynamic growth of a young organisation. But we are also lucky to have our roots in the former Dutch international broadcaster, with a heritage stretching back almost 70 years.

We can back up our drive to innovate with a huge resource of knowledge and networks. This is how we’ve been able to create an entirely new form of media organisation, with the power to help transform societies and improve lives.

RNW Director Robert Zaal

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