RNW Media jaarverslag 2015

Annual report 2015

RNW Media uses media to promote social change. Informed people shape a better future, so we make information available on sensitive topics in parts of the world where freedom of speech cannot be taken for granted.

Through persuasive storytelling and innovative uses of media and training, we enable young people to make informed choices and drive change. We build communities, drawing on the network and local expertise in the countries where we work. 


The year 2015

2015 was an excellent year for RNW Media. There were 235 million views on our web sites and social media channels. Most of the visitors came from China, where the Love Matters platform about love and sexuality continued to do well. The same held true for India, the Arab world and Latin America.
In Africa, the satirical video blog What’s Up Africa got a major boost thanks to a cooperation agreement with the BBC. It had an average of 12 million views a week. Our web sites about international criminal trials in The Hague generated a lively discussion in Ivory Coast and Kenya. And our training centre, RNTC, got a lot of business. 

Wij vinden nogal wat - #ikvind



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