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Annual Report 2016

2016 and Beyond
RNW Media has enjoyed a wide variety of successes over the past years. A highlight was its collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in implementing an innovative Freedom of Speech programme.

It is our pleasure to present our exclusively digital “Annual Report 2016 and Beyond”. Last year was a watershed year. It was the completion of our 2013-2016 organisational programme, “Freedom of Speech” and the beginning of our new programme, “Enabling the Next Generation”. 

In 2016, Jacqueline Lampe was chosen to be RNW Media's CEO and lead the organisation in a new direction.


"It was a very exciting year filled with decisions and steps forward. And in the midst of all this transitioning, we were able to hit all our targets!"


We took on key organisational changes. We restructured the office in Hilversum in order to have more implementation and coordination staff on the ground. We developed a new strategic plan, and secured renewed funding from the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs as well as funding from new donors.

This year marks the beginning of a new era for RNW Media. We encourage you to click through our annual report to get a deeper sense for our achievements as well as for the challenges we faced. We hope the report will also help you see are where we are going and how we can engage together in fresh, new ways.

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