Amsterdam 36th best city for students

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Amsterdam has come in at number 36 in the top 50 student cities in the world. The first-ever study of education quality and student lifestyle in university cities shows Paris in the lead, closely followed by London, Boston and Melbourne.

Researchers at the career and education network QS measured the quality of the cities against twelve criteria, such as the level of education, the liveability of the city, the cost of living, and the reputation of its universities and polytechnical institutes among employers.

Among the top 50 are 20 european cities. North America has nine, as does Asia, where the best place to study is Singapore (in 12th position). Latin America is represented by four cities, led by Buenos Aires (24). There is only one student city in the Middle East: Cairo (48th).

QS, which carried out the study, also publishes an annual ranking of top universities. The QS lists are very important for universities, says spokeswoman Annelou van Egmond of the University of Amsterdam. Foreign students often rely on this kind of ranking to decide which school to attend.

Ms Van Egmond is satisfied with Amsterdam's 36th position in the QS city ranking.

"It's a great score. In addition to information about the quality of the university itself, students also want to know what's happening outside class hours. Is there enough entertainment in terms of cinemas, theatres or clubs? Few foreign students can hop over to come and see whether they like the city. That's where the ranking comes in; it is a factor in student's considerations."

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