Another Dutch Christian Democrat resigns

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A third local CDA politician has left the party. The party chairman in the eastern town of Hardenberg, Einte Faber, says he can no longer live with the fact that the CDA will be working with Geert Wilders' anti-Islamic Freedom Party (PVV).

Mr Faber has been a member of the party since it was founded in 1980 and before that was a member of the ARP, one of the Christian parties which merged to create the CDA.

Earlier this week two other local CDA politicians left the party in reaction to the forthcoming coalition with the conservative VVD, which will be supported in parliament by the PVV.

In the Frisian municipality of Wûnseradiel, councillor Hans Haarsma resigned his membership after 20 years when the parliamentary party approved the coalition agreement.

In Emmen in the eastern province Drenthe, councillor Rolf Mulder resigned, saying "It's unacceptable that the CDA should form an alliance with a racist and hysterical party like the PVV."

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