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EUROPEAN JAZZ STAGE  "...In this year’s series of European Jazz Stage we also make room for some outstanding Big Bands. In this show we have bass player, composer and arranger John Clayton as guest conductor of the Metropole Orchestra. He brought along his finest arrangements, which he normally plays with his own Clayton-Hamilton Jazz Orchestra but are now tested on the highly talented musicians of the Metropole Orchestra.

There are also two treats from the North Sea Jazz Festival. The Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw and the Dutch Jazz Orchestra. The first Big Band you’ll hear performs with two outstanding singers who are two generations apart. The second pays tribute to one of the founding fathers of modern Dutch jazz, pianist, trumpeter, composer, arranger and mathematician Rob Madna. [RNW Host: Daniel Frankl]

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Musical Director John Clayton 
John Clayton (leader, composer, arranger); Mark Scholten and Leo van Oostrom (alto sax); Leo Janssen and Jos Behren (tenor sax); Sebastiaan Ohm (baritone sax); Jan Oosthof, Henk Heijink, Jan Hollander, Ruud Breuls and Jan Wessels (trumpet); Bart van Lier, Paul Woesthuis and Jeroen Rol (trombone); Martin van den Berg (bas trombone); Jesse van Ruller (guitar); Rob van Bavel (piano); Aram Kersbergen (bass); Martijn Vink (drums)

Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw with Rita Reys and Fay Claassen 
Fay Claassen, Rita Reys (vocals); Henk Meutgeert (band leader); Jorg Kaaij, Marco Kegel (alto sax); Sjoerd Dijkhuizen, Simon Rigter (tenor sax); Juan Martinez (baritone sax); Ruud Breuls, Jelle Schouten, Rini Swinkels, Jan Wessels, Jan van Duikeren (trumpet); Andy Bruce, Jeroen Rol, Martijn Sohier (trombone); Martien de Kam (bass trombone); Jesse van Ruller (guitar); Peter Beets (piano); Frans van Geest (bass); Martijn Vink (drums).

Dutch Jazz Orchestra, Tribute to Rob Madna
John Ruocco (band leader, clarinet); Albert Beltman, Hans Meijdam (alto sax); Tom Beek, Ferdinand Povel, Simon Rigter, Ab Schaap (tenor sax); Nils van Haften (baritone sax); Ruud Breuls, Jan Oosthof, Erik Veldkamp, Jan Wessels, Peter van Soest (trumpet); Hansjorg Fink, Ilja Reijngoud, Martijn Sohier, Martin van den Berg (trombone); Martijn van Iterson (guitar); Karel Boehlee (Fender Rhodes); Rob van Bavel (piano); Jeroen Vierdag, Jan Voogd (bass); Marcel Serierse (drums).



Jazz Orchestra of the Concertgebouw



Dutch Jazz Orchestra



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