Brigitte Bardot: Dutch goat cull is scandalous

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Brigitte Bardot has said the Dutch are carrying out a "scandalously disproportionate slaughter which is deeply shocking because of its systematic character". Writing to Agriculture Minister Gerda Verburg the former actress is referring to the preventive culling of goats to prevent the spread of Q fever.

The Dutch Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority this week began the killing of some 40,000 pregnant goats and sheep, who spread the Q fever bacteria if they have a miscarriage. The bacteria, Coxiella burnetii, infected up to 2300 people this year, six of whom died.


Ms Bardot wrote that the mass culling of the animals is out of proportion to the impact of the disease, because Q fever in people can be treated by antibiotics.

After her showbiz career Brigitte Bardot withdrew to her home in Southern France, from where she has since campaigned for animal welfare.

Brigitte Bardot (Wikimedia Commons)