Chávez urged to resign

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A group of former supporters of Venezuelan President Hugo Chávez has called on him to resign.

In a statement published in local newspapers, the group says that after 11 years in power Mr Chávez has lost his legitimacy. The group includes former foreign minister Luis Alfonso Davila, former defence minister Raul Isaias Baduel, Hermann Escarra - one of the main drafters of the new Chavez-era constitution - and two men who were at Chavez's side during the failed 1992 military coup; Yoel Acosta and Jesus Urdaneta.

They accuse the president of an "autocratic, totalitarian and self-centered way of governing" and point to his "utterly careless use of language ... which lays bare a soul that is intolerant, petty, hateful and resentful."

In the past months, Venezuela has seen an increasing number of anti-Chávez demonstrations. The president says the protesters want to destabilise the government.