Dutch PM guests in Donald Duck comic book

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Prime Minister Mark Rutte riding his bike, speaking in parliament, talking to a school class, having a beer – the Dutch leader can’t complain about a lack of media attention. And now, he’s going to make a guest appearance in his old favourite, the Donald Duck comic book.

The first Dutch-language issue of the Donald Duck comic book came out in 1952. To celebrate the 60th anniversary, special editions of the comic are being published every month for a year. Each one will be set in one of the 12 Dutch provinces.

Birthday present
In the latest edition, Donald Duck and his nephews, Huey, Dewey and Louie, find themselves in the province of South Holland - to be precise, at the historic government buildings in The Hague, where they meet Mr Rutte.

Together with the PM, they hunt for a special birthday present for one of Queen Beatrix’ granddaughters. Crown Princess Máxima and Finance Minister Jan Kees de Jager have supporting roles in the story.

Proud as punch
Mr Rutte tells De Telegraaf newspaper that he feels “truly honoured” by his starring role in the comic book, explaining that Donald Duck “was always one of my favourite reads as a boy”.

The comic’s editor, Thom Roep, says national and international figures are often featured in the publication. “Funnily enough, in all those years, none of the adults parodied in it has been anything other than proud as punch.”