EU slams PVV ‘anti-Polish’ website

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Brussels has come out strongly against the website for complaints about Central and East European migrants in the Netherlands launched by Geert Wilders’ populist Freedom Party (PVV).

The European Commission is calling on Dutch citizens not to heed “this open call for intolerance”. Instead it says they should leave messages on the website pointing out that Europe is a place for freedom.

European Justice, Fundamental Rights and Citizenship Commissioner Viviane Reding says the PVV site flies in the face of European principles. “In Europe, we stand for freedom. We stand for an open continent where citizens can move, work and study wherever they want,’ she said. "We solve our problems by showing more solidarity, not by telling tales about our fellow citizens."

The commission earlier announced it would make a statement about the PVV website on Monday, but it is causing a furore in Europe. The PVV move has already been condemned by the governments of Poland, Romania and Bulgaria.

Mr Wilders response to the commotion in Europe was defiant: “Brussels can stuff it. We’ve had more than 32,000 complaints. The website has really hit the mark. We’re looking for facts about the problems and job losses caused by Central and East Europeans. Talking about discrimination is fantasy and nonsense.”


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