Euro 2012 arming itself against guerrilla marketing

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Euro 2012 is a golden opportunity for advertisers. But the major sponsors fear that the event might be marred by guerrilla marketing, a form of advertising used by small brands that generates a huge amount of publicity. 

The best example of guerrilla marketing was at the World Championships in South Africa in 2010, when a group of young blond Dutchwomen pulled off their blouses to exhibit orange dresses sponsored by Bavaria, a small Dutch brewery. The Bavaria Babes were arrested and thrown in jail, but the brewery made headlines around the world. 

Major Dutch companies have had enough of these tactis. Aegon, ABN Amro and Rabo Bank have joined forces and come up with rules to fight guerrilla marketing. The question is whether their sponsor code will have any effect. It's not a law, so companies that violate the code cannot be punished. So it's likely that Bavaria and other small brands will continue to pester the major sponsors.