EuroHit40 July 2012

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The last EuroHit40 show from RNW - but NOT the final show! The EuroHit40 show LIVES on!
This is the page to listen to the 7th EuroHit40 show of 2012 - and the last one to be produced for Radio Netherlands Worldwide. Fear not, however, the EuroHit40 show CONTINUES! For more information, email the producers of the show, here. 

Welcome to the show with music from Linkin Park, Taio Cruz, Pitbull, R.I.O., The Wanted, Tinie Tempah, Rita Ora, Rihanna, Flo-Rida, AfroJack, Of Monsters And Men, Gusttavo Lima, Toten Hosen and many, many more. 

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ALSO - catch Tim's 15-minute show in which he says 'farewell' to the Dutch International Service, the English language service of RNW, with a dash through 65 years of Dutch popular music! Click here to listen.

Eurobusters July 2012
This month's Dutch Eurobuster track comes from the world famous DJ and producer Afrojack with the Netherlands own R&B family trio known as Shermanology. More info about Afrojack can be found on his website. Some info on Shermanology can be found here. Their Eurobuster track Can't Stop Me can also be seen in our Eurobusters list on YouTube.

Our second Eurobuster this month comes from UK band Will And The People, it's called Lion In The Morning. The video is also close to the top of our Eurobuster playlist on YouTube. Our little EH40TV channel on YouTube has dozens of more videos too, including all the songs from Eurovision 2012, our Adele special from March 2012, the songs in the 2010 and 2011 WorldPopContests, and all 15 songs from this year's contest too.

Answer to and winners of Competition 50
Back in our May show, we asked you to tell us what kind of vehicle has a 'bagagedrager' of the kind sung about in the Dutch song of the same name by Gers Pardoel. Many people got this one wrong, surprisingly, but our two lucky winners were among those who gave us the correct answer: a bicycle.

Our two winners of this - our one but last competition for the time being - are named in the images you can see here:


CONGRATULATIONS to both winners.

EuroHit40 in the future
Remember, this is the last EuroHit40 show to be produced by Ad Roland Media for Radio Netherlands Worldwide, but the show continues. Stay in touch with Tim and the EuroHit40 through our Facebook and Twitter pages, also to find out where you can here the show in future.

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We hope you enjoy the show!