Extrajudicial killings: a case history

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The State We’re In, 14 November 2009. We ask both a unionizer and a union buster if there’s a right to form a union. We hear the tragic tale of the extrajudicial killing in Mozambique that changed the legal system and we go to Postville, Iowa where an immigration raid nearly destroyed the whole town.

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State of the union
Angel Warner welcomed the chance to get a warehouse job when a pharmaceutical company came to Lancaster, California. But when management started harassing, humiliating and firing employees, she decided to help form a union. She has no regrets, even though she now fears losing her job.
Dissing the union
Peter List used to be a union organizer. Then he had a change of heart. While he resists the label “union buster”, he now helps companies prevent and preclude unions from operating within their organization. He explains to Jonathan why he believes in what he’s doing.
Extrajudicial killings: a case history
The problem of police arbitrarily murdering suspects in their custody has become a seemingly intractable problem in the developing world. In the southern African country of Mozambique, police have killed at least forty-five people over the last three years with near-impunity. Radio Netherlands’ Eric Beauchemin went to Mozambique and spoke with the brother of a victim about what happened, and how his family eventually got justice. Click here to read more.
Postscript to postville

When federal authorities raided on a meat packing plant in Postville, Iowa in 2008, they ended up deporting 500 people. Andrew Stelzer reports on how the raid has eviscerated the economy of the town, and dealt a body blow to what may have been the most intriguing experiment in multiculturalism in middle America.
Right to die
Donald Beaulieu heard our program about The right to die and wanted to make the case that he, as a disabled person, should have the right to choose when and how to end his life – and not have disabled activist groups protect him from his own decision.