First canicross race in Hilversum

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More than 40 highly enthusiastic teams took part in the first canicross race in Hilversum this past weekend. Canicross is the sport of running with your dog in harness. Everyone, young and old, can take part. 


The sport’s origins lie in France, and from there it spread to Belgium where it is extremely popular. In Holland, the first canicross race was held in the town of Bovenkarspel six years ago, and in Amsterdam in 2009. But the sport is still relatively unknown in The Netherlands. 

A veterinarian checked all the dogs before the competition in Hilversum to see if they were in shape and had all the necessary vaccinations. The dogs and their owners started the race 30 seconds apart, running three separate distances: 5000 metres, 2300 metres, and kids ran 950 metres with their dogs. The fact that canicross is a team sport is what makes it so nice, says the organiser of the Hilversum race. “It boils down to just having fun with your dog.”