Flirtation, love, romance and polyamory

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The State We're In, 15 May 2010: We speak with a polyamorous couple, a wedding musician shares her observations, older Chinese couples married under Mao renew their visual vows, we meet a women who teaches the art of seduction and a TSWI producer talks about his unforgettable meeting with “Queen of Romance” Barbara Cartland.
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Love by numbers
Robyn and Jesus live together in Colorado, but they also have other emotional and sexual relationships. They are, in fact, polyamorous. As they tell Jonathan Groubert, they feel this arrangement has deepened their sense of intimacy, but it’s not without jealousy. We introduce Ben who is Robyn's “sweetie” and Jesus’s good friend. Ben also plays a song he’s written about polyamory.
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What the wedding musician sees
When it comes to wedding ceremonies, Penelope Bergen has seen it all. She’s played in a string quartet at dozens of weddings, and enjoyed the unique position to observe the different ways people choose to tie the knot. 
Wedding photos without Mao
When Mao ruled China, extravagant weddings and beautiful pictures were impossible… even dangerous. As Karen Meirik reports, some older Chinese couples are making up for lost time and taking the wedding pictures they always wanted.
The art of attraction
Kezia Noble doesn’t believe in chemistry, romance or mystery when it comes to attracting the fairer sex. As she tells Jonathan, for a fee, she can train almost any man to become a master of seduction.
Age is no barrier
TSWI producer Chris Chambers was 31 when he interviewed the nonagenarian, self-styled ‘Queen of Romance” Barbara Cartland. He wasn’t relishing the meeting at her country estate. It turned into an afternoon he will never forget.