Flying Dutchman: real or fake?

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It might be true, say some experts. But others are calling it a fake: the brief flight made by Dutchman Jarno Smeets with his Human Bird Wings. The video that Smeets and his friends made is big news on Facebook and other social media. 


31-year-old Jarno Smeets spent months designing his Human Bird Wings. This past weekend, he claimed that he had succeeded in flying. The engineer had to run a bit, flap his wings a lot, and then he rose a few metres off the ground for a short flight in a park. 

Not everyone was impressed by the stunt: some experts expressed doubts about the authenticity of the experiment. Jarno Smeets himself wasn't answering his phone, and he didn't respond to tweets or e-mails from journalists. 

On Thursday evening, Jarno Smeets finally admitted on a popular Dutch TV talk show (in Dutch) that the flight was nothing more than a hoax.