Haarlem coffeeshops offer alternative to weedpass

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Coffeeshop owners in the city of Haarlem have reached an agreement with the mayor, which they believe will make the introduction of the weedpass unncessary in their city. Under the covenant, the owners have pledged to monitor who enters their coffeeshop, bar minors from entering, provide reliable information about soft drugs and ensure that there aren't any disturbances or troubles in the immediate area around the coffeeshops.

The mayor of Haarlem is pleased with the measures. But he says, if the weedpass is introduced throughout the Netherlands on January 1, 2013, it will also go into effect in his city. 

The weedpass was introduced in the south of the Netherlands in May. Only Dutch residents can now legally purchase soft drugs in coffeeshops. Foreigners are barred. The measure has led to a surge in the illegal trade in soft drugs in the southern part of the country.