The Hague to boost help for Syrian rebels

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The Netherlands is going to step up its support for the Syrian opposition, Dutch Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal announced on Saturday after holding talks with the Syrian National Council in the Turkish city of Istanbul.

The Dutch government has been giving technical and financial assistance to Syria’s opposition since March. That help, which has included communication equipment and laptops, is now going to be increased, the minister said. The Hague is also going to help prepare Syrian dissidents for the period after President Bashar al-Assad’s government falls, Mr Rosenthal added.

In a conversation with the outgoing and incoming leaders of the SNC, Mr Rosenthal also pledged four million euros in humanitarian aid. One million euros of that sum will be used to provide food aid to people in Syria. The remaining three million euros will be used to help Syrian refugees settle in Jordanian camps. Over 120,000 Syrians are thought to have sought shelter in Jordan so far. Earlier this year, Mr Rosenthal pledged one million euros for Syrian refugees in Turkey.


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