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This article is part of the RNW archive. RNW is the former Radio Netherlands Worldwide or Wereldomroep, which was founded as the Dutch international public broadcaster in 1947. In 2011, the Dutch government decided to cut funding and shift RNW from the ministry of Education, Culture and Science to the ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information about RNW Media’s current activities can be found at

Dutchwoman and Colombian FARC rebel Tanja Nijmeijer says she will fight to the death. We meet a man who treats his chronic pain by smoking marijuana. The Dutch healthcare system looks unprepared to deal with increasing numbers of men with breast cancer. Legendary Dutch writer Harry Mulisch dies at the age of 83.



Long live the rebellion
For the past eight years, 32-year old Dutchwoman Tanja Nijmeijer has lived in the jungles of Colombia as a member of the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia (FARC). This week Radio Netherlands Worldwide broadcast an exclusive interview with Nijmeijer. In the video she says she will not leave the rebel movement and is willing to die for the cause. Tanja's convictions have taken her a long way from her hometown of Denekamp, in the east of the Netherlands, near the border with Germany.

Medicinal marijuana 

Marijuana is available for recreational use in the Netherlands. But some of the people who smoke the drug  in this country do so to help cope with chronic pain. Willem Hovers is one of them. He has muscular sclerosis and says that smoking weed is the only thing that helps.

Men with breast cancer

The global breast cancer awareness movement has done much to decrease the number of women who die each year from the disease. But many people do not realise that breast cancer is not gender-specific. Though it is rare, men can also get breast cancer. In the Netherlands, the number of males with the disease is on the rise. Some Dutch men suffering from breast cancer are calling for more attention to their plight.

Harry Mulisch (1927 - 2010)

World-renowned Dutch author Harry Mulisch died this week at the age of 83. Considered one of the most significant post-Second World War Dutch writers, his works include The Assault and The Origin of Heaven, and have been translated into more than 30 languages. Harry Mulisch will be buried tomorrow in Amsterdam.