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This article is part of the RNW archive. RNW is the former Radio Netherlands Worldwide or Wereldomroep, which was founded as the Dutch international public broadcaster in 1947. In 2011, the Dutch government decided to cut funding and shift RNW from the ministry of Education, Culture and Science to the ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information about RNW Media’s current activities can be found at

On this week's show: Geert Wilders launches a website for complaints about Eastern European immigrants, government spending cut will eliminate vital help for some, we learn how criminals can sell drugs and guns online, and we meet the city of Venlo's first Muslim carnival prince.


Eastern European complaint site
The European Parliament has called on Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte to account for the anti-Polish website set up by the Freedom Party which supports his government. The parliament will debate the Dutch website, which invites complaints about Central and East European immigrants, on 13 March. Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party (PVV) received more than 14,000 complaints via the website, reports Dutch newspaper de Volkskrant.

Cutbacks hit some harder than others
Marcel has been living independently for a year now. He gets help from care organisation Nedereind since he has limited intellectual function. He couldn’t manage without their help. Unfortunately, the Dutch government has plans to cut the funding of care for people with IQs between 70 and 85. Marcel has trouble controlling his emotions. He is easily annoyed and becomes aggressive. He is currently employed in Nedereind’s work facility, since he has trouble accepting the authority of a normal boss. “I’ve tried, but I just can’t do it,” he says.

Buying drugs and guns online
It's possible to order weapons like grenade launchers and pistols, as well as drugs like cocaine and heroin, via the internet on a site called Silk Road. But Silk Road cannot be accessed with a normal internet connection. To get to the site you have to use the Tor-network, which allows people to do things on the internet in complete anonymity. The Dutch Justice Ministry wants to go after criminals who go online via the network to sell weapons, drugs and to disseminate child pornography.

The Muslim Carnival Prince
Anti-Islam MP Geert Wilders was born in the city of Venlo and his Freedom Party has more supporters there than any other local party. But this doesn't mean that Muslims are not accepted in Wilders' hometown. In fact, Venlo now has its first Muslim Carnival Prince.