Honduran Congress delays vote on Zelaya

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The Honduran Congress has announced it will vote on a possible reinstatement of deposed President Manuel Zelaya on 2 December. This means the vote will take place after Honduras' elections scheduled for 29 November. Mr Zelaya wanted to be reinstated before the poll.


The Congressional vote is part of a deal brokered at the end of October which set no date for the vote. Congress speaker José Alfredo Saavedra says the late date is necessary because the Supreme Court cannot deliver advice on the issue before next week.


The deal between Mr Zelaya and Honduras' de facto leader Roberto Michelletti has broken down on a number of fronts. An attempt to form a government of national unity, also part of the agreement, has failed. Mr Zelaya is now calling for a boycott of the elections.





Honduran flag (Wikimedia Commons)