IAEA puts pressure on Iran

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The United Nations International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) is asking for as quick a response as possible from Iran regarding a transfer plan for the country's uranium supply.

The UN plan proposes that Iran send 70 percent of its uranium to Russia for enrichment and on to France for further refinement. The resulting fuel rods would be shipped back to Iran for use in a research reactor near Tehran which produces medical isotopes. It's hoped this would help relieve the rest of the world's fears that Iran is using its uranium to build nuclear weapons.

Although Iran said earlier it was prepared to consider the UN plan, it now says it would like to revise it, much to the dissatisfaction of Great Britain, Russia and France. The French government says such delaying tactics will not be tolerated.

IAEA chair Mohammed El-Baradei is increasing the pressure on Iran. He has emphasised that the plan offers Iran a chance to revive the West's trust in it.