Images of modern-day slavery

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Even in countries like the Netherlands, people are living as slaves. Such crimes often go unpunished because the victims dare not tell their story for fear of reprisals. BlinN, a Dutch organisation that helps the victims of human trafficking, asked American photographer Kay Chernush to capture these stories in images.

Kay Chernush is no stranger to the issues of human trafficking, prostitution and exploitation. They are themes which have already featured in her previous work. This time she opted for a different approach. She spoke extensively to female victims to find out what had happened to them. From their accounts, she selected elements that she could transform into images.
The women themselves are not portrayed in the photographs. "I didn't want to exploit them again for the sake of a photograph. Their story needs to be told, but that doesn't mean they have to be in the picture themselves."
The exhibition entitled Bought and Sold: Voices of Human Trafficking runs until 23 November in The Hague. For more information, go to and