Joint portrait of Anne Frank and Adolf Hitler

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A painting showing a semi-nude Adolf Hitler and a smiling Anne Frank is "in poor taste". The Anne Frank House in Amsterdam on Thursday criticised a Singapore art fair for exhibiting the art work. It was made by an Indonesian artist who says his work is meant ironically. The canvas shows Hitler with a tattoo similar to the one the Nazis used to brand millions of prisoners in concentration camps.

The artwork is one of a series of paintings exhibited under the umbrella title of 'Last Judgment'.

Director Ronnie Naftaniel of the Amsterdam-based Israel Information and Documentation Centre told us:
"This is the umpteenth artist trying to attract attention by using something revolting from WWII which is guaranteed to raise people's anger. It makes me sigh. It's tasteless. Few people in Singapore will be aware of the [1940-1945] war in Europe, so they may feel less pain. But it is regrettable that yet another artist has managed to become headline news without any artistic achievement to show for it."


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