Journalist and TV presenter Anil Ramdas dies

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Dutch-Surinamese writer, journalist and TV presenter Anil Ramdas has died. The news was confirmed this morning by the newspaper for which he wrote, NRC Handelsblad.

Ramdas died on Thursday, on his 54th birthday, at his home in Loenen. The exact cause of his death is not clear. A family member says he “died at a self-chosen moment”. Some media say he committed suicide. Ramdas is survived by a son and a daughter.

Anil Ramdas was born in Paramaribo, the capital of Suriname, in 1958. He went to Amsterdam to study geography, which took him to India and Curaçao to conduct research.
After returning to the Netherlands he campaigned for asylum seekers and refugees. He then started a career as a journalist and later became an essayist, correspondent, and TV and radio presenter.
In 1997 he was awarded the E. du Perron prize for all his works.


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