Mexican sex abuse victims: “We don’t believe in any pope”

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On the eve of Pope Benedict's resignation Mexican sexual abuse victims say they have no hope that the pontiff’s successor will provide justice for the thousands of children abused by priests.

by Aldo Sotelo
“If the Vatican had acted when it found out about the crimes committed by Father Marcial Maciel, things would be different”, says Joaquín Aguilar, a Mexican child sex abuse victim. “He wouldn’t have been able to continue perpetrating these crimes until the end of his life.”
(In the late 1990s, several members of Maciel’s congregation formally accused him of sexually abusing children. Some of the accusations date back to the 1940s. It wasn’t until 2006 that the Vatican removed him from active ministry.)
“The next pope is going to allow the same filth”, says Julia Klug, another child sexual abuse victim. “If they want real change, they should start by jailing all the culprits.”