Muslims upset as Wilders promotes new book

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According to the Organisation of Islamic Cooperation (OIC), Geert Wilder's new book is nothing but a repetition of his previous hate campaign against Islam, which is actually  abuse of freedom of expression. 

A OIC spokesperson expressed dismay at the publication of Wilders' new book,  “Marked for Death: Islam's War Against the West and Me." According to the OIC's website, "the new book is nothing but a repetition of Mr. Wilders campaign of hate mongering against Islam in abusing his right of freedom of expression. Suffice it to say that his activities have been denounced and disavowed by the Dutch Government, Dutch Parliament, the European Parliament as well as the Council of Europe."

American tour
Wilders is currently touring the United States in order to promote “Marked for Death." At one of the stops on the tour, he called on Muslims to abandon Islam. During an interview with right wing TV and radio personality Glen Beck, he said he wanted to see "less Islam," although he was not calling for an outright ban.

At times Beck was critical of Geert Wilders' ideas. Beck said it would be better to have moderate Muslims change Islam from within. In the past, Beck has called Wilders a facist. The interview with Beck took place in Dallas, Texas. Beck was once a star of the right wing channel Fox News, but now has his own radio and TV shows on his own pay website.

The end of the EU
Wilders also stated that the European Union (EU) is a lost cause and will soon collapse. “Europe is the worst thing that ever happened to us," said Wilders, who, earlier this week, announced that the PVV wants the Netherlands to leave the EU. '' We have lost our national identity,'', the PVV leader said.


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