Naughty fund to pay fines for illegal trainees

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Amsterdam’s city council has gone against government wishes over traineeships for young illegal immigrants on vocational courses according to Amsterdam evening newspaper Het Parool. Last night the council voted to allow young illegal immigrants to do work placement traineeships with the city council itself as part of their sandwich courses.

The government wants to ban illegal immigrants from the workplace altogether. But the European Human Rights Council says young illegal immigrants have a right to education. Students in vocational education have to do traineeships to complete their course and receive a certificate.

The motion, which was put forward by the Green Left, was adopted by the council in spite of warnings from Social Affairs Minister Henk Kamp. The minister argues that illegal immigrants are not eligible for work permits and therefore young illegal immigrants cannot be granted a work permit either. He warned that both colleges and employers could be fined up to 8,000 euros per case. And fines are due to increase to 12,000 euros next year.

A special fund was set up last year to pay for the fines: the naughty fund.


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