The Netherlands celebrates "Negro Day"?

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It’s "Negro Day" in the Netherlands. That is, if you read the twitterings of a former ‘multicultural businessman of the year’ and a comedian from Suriname.

Howard Komproe and Brian Hirman say the idea of Negro Day - now in its second year - is for everyone to declare themselves a negro for a day – there’s even a blacked-up picture of the queen.

But, they say, the day shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Their aim is to highlight the way black people are stereotyped in Dutch society.

"We want to poke fun at some of the easy stereotypes – you know the ones, that all black people are lazy, have at least one golden tooth, love fried chicken and are all having an affair," says comedian Howard Komproe.

Within hours of the Twitter launch it became a trending topic in the Netherlands, the hashtag is #negerdag.