New passport controls at Schiphol airport: bad news for bad guys

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Amsterdam's Schiphol Airport has begun a trial with biometric passport control for all EU citizens over the age of 18. Passengers place their biometric passport on a scanner, their faces are then scanned and if the two coincide, passengers can pass immigration without any further ado. 


The self-service passport control is designed to cut queues at the immigration desk. It will also free up immigration officers to check passengers who are behaving suspiciously. In recent years, Schiphol has also begun regularly checking passengers arriving from Africa and other regions where asylum-seekers or illegal immigrants often begin their journeys.  

Since the trial began last Tuesday, immigration officials have already caught several passengers for a variety of offences, including unpaid fines, involvement in distributing counterfeit money and carrying a fake passport.
If the trial is successful, it will be expanded to all incoming and outgoing passengers at Schiphol. Children under the age of 18, though, will not be able to use the self-service passport control because their facial features are still developing.