'Photos from Japan and my Archive' wins Dutch Doc Award

RNW archive

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The Dutch Doc award, a prize for Dutch documentary photography, has been won this year by Paulien Oltheten. The prize of 20,000 euros is for her project entitled 'Photos from Japan and my Archive'.

Paulien Oltheten’s photos show people in different poses, making various movements and in diverse combinations. Most of the photos in 'Photos from Japan and my archive' were taken on the street. The Dutch Doc award jury says this series of photos tells a tale about observation – very close observation. “You get hooked on her detail, her contexts, her emotional response to a particular pose.”

Small, everday things
Paulien Oltheten is an observer of small, everyday things. Sometimes she photographs a situation just exactly as she finds it. In other cases she creates the scene.

The images appear in a book of 'Photos from Japan and my Archive'. The book also includes excerpts and sketches from the notebooks which Paulien uses to record the poses she asks people in her work to adopt and the effects these have had on the photos.

Dutch Doc Award
The Dutch Doc Award is one of the Netherlands’ most important photographic prizes. It was created by the Mondriaan Fonds in 2010 to support the kind of time-consuming documentary photography which often fails to get published in newspapers. The Mondriaan Fonds (Mondrian Funds) aims to encourage innovation and excellence in the fields of the visual arts and cultural heritage. Its funding is also open to foreign organisations.