Poll: Freedom Party down, Labour up

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Labour is continuing its recovery in a weekly survey, winning two more seats in parliament over the last week, while Geert Wilders’ Freedom Party loses two, hitting its lowest level since the last general elections 18 months ago.

If elections were held now, Labour would get 23 seats in parliament, compared with 19 for Wilders’ Freedom Party, a weekly opinion poll suggests. Since Diederik Samsom was elected Labour’s new leader several weeks ago, the party has been steadily climbing in the polls. Only seven weeks ago, Labour could count on just 14 seats. Support for the party has risen more or less equally across all incomes. Since Labour’s recovery, the Socialist Party has lost four seats, but still gets 29 seats.

Towards the end of his tenure, Labour’s previous leader, Job Cohen, had a popularity rating of 4.5. His successor, Diederik Samsom, has a rating of 5.7, which places him third, behind Democrats 66 leader Alexander Pechtold, who gets a 5.9 rating, and Socialist Party leader Emile Roemer, with a rating of 6.6.


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