Protests in Indian Kashmir intensify

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Newsline 3 August 2010: Violent protests continue in Indian Kashmir, reigniting a simmering regional rivalry. After decades of political fighting, Kenyans finally get to vote on constitutional reforms. And Russia declares a state of emergency as hundreds of wildfires continue to rage.


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Scores die in Kashmir protests
Protesters in Indian Kashmir took to the streets again today after four people died in clashes in with riot police. Dozens of people have been killed in recent weeks, during ongoing protests against the Indian government - RNW's South Asia Wired blog has more.

Meanwhile, people in Pakistan's Kashmir are looking at these protests "with glee", says India expert Rahul Bedi.

After decades, Kenyans finally get to vote on a new constitution

Kenyans go to the polls on Wednesday to vote in a referendum on constitutional reforms. It's hoped the referendum will end decades of political debate and controversy. The text of the new constitution was agreed upon in the aftermath of ethnically-driven post election violence back in 2008. But why are these reforms so vital for Kenya? We put that question to our Africa correspondent Koert Lindijer, who lives and works in Nairobi.

Russia faces more wildfires as heatwave rages on

Russia has declared a state of emergency in seven regions as hundreds of wildfires continue to rage. A vast area south and east of Moscow has been affected as a record heatwave is hampering efforts to douse the flames. We spoke to Moscow correspondent Jessica Golloher about life in a city that's hit by heat, smog and smoke.