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Radio Netherlands Worldwide, in cooperation with Dutch broadcaster IKON, will broadcast a previously unreleased TV interview with Dutch FARC guerrilla Tanja Nijmeijer this evening. The interview was recorded in August by Colombian journalist Jorge Enrique Botero.

[media:factfile]The new footage can be seen in the TV programme IKON DOC: Tanja en haar verhaal (Tanja and Her Story) at 22.58 UTC on the public channel Nederland 2 this evening. The interview will also be available on the Radio Netherlands Worldwide website (www.rnw.nl/tanja) from 21:00 UTC. The TV broadcast will be preceded by an interview with journalist Jorge Enrique Botero in the NOS/NTR current affairs programme Nieuwsuur.

Mono Jojoy
In the TV interview, Tanja once again makes a number of surprising statements and the footage provides a detailed insight into her life with the FARC. The material formed part of a documentary by journalist Jorge Enrique Botero about FARC leader Mono Jojoy, which has already been broadcast on Colombian television. Mono Jojoy was killed in September in a major Colombian army offensive on his camp. It is still not known whether Tanja Nijmeijer survived this attack.

This evening’s edition of current affairs show Nieuwsuur (21:00 UTC, Nederland 2, NOS/NRT) will broadcast an interview with Jorge Enrique Botero, including footage of his trek through the jungle to reach the FARC.

Two weeks ago, Radio Netherlands Worldwide released the first footage of Tanja Nijmeijer shot by Jorge Enrique Botero. RNW’s editor-in-chief Rik Rensen takes up the story:
“Radio Netherlands Worldwide has now been able to take a Dutch perspective on the seven hours of rough material shot by Mr Botero and we have concluded that it contains more newsworthy material about Tanja”.
The Nijmeijer family has been given the opportunity to view the footage prior to the broadcast but do not wish to comment.

Jungle trek
Journalist Jorge Enrique Botero trekked through the jungle for 11 days before reaching the FARC camp. He is one of only a handful of journalists who have been able to gain such close access to the rebels. Critics in Colombia claim that he only succeeded in doing so because he supports the FARC’s Marxist ideology. Rik Rensen refutes this:
“In Colombia they say that if you have contact with the FARC, you must automatically belong to the FARC. I have spoken to Mr Botero extensively. I can assure you that the man I talked to is a reliable journalist who applies the journalistic principle of presenting both sides of the argument. His unrivalled access to the FARC is the result of years of work. He had to gain their trust.”

Broadcasts (all times UTC)
- 16 November, from 21:00, RNW Tanja Nijmeijer dossier: interview with Tanja
- 16 November, 21:00, Nieuwsuur, Nederland 2: interview with Jorge Enrique Botero
- 16 November, 22:58, Nederland 2: IKON DOC: Tanja en haar verhaal
- 28 November, 22:15, BVN: IKON DOC: Tanja en haar verhaal