Rosenthal asked to explain PVV Poland hotline

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Foreign Minister Uri Rosenthal says he will make it clearer to the outside world that the Dutch parliament is against the PVV's Poland hotline website.

Mr Rosenthal made the statement during a debate about the controversial website, which many people believe is discriminatory. The hotline - an initiative from Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) - allows people to register their complaints about immigrants from eastern Europe.
Minister Rosenthal stopped short of condemning the website or the PVV for creating it. He did point out that “the site is not a reflection of the [Dutch] government's thoughts or policy”.
A majority of the Dutch parliament has condemned the hotline, including the Christian Democrats (CDA), who are members of the coalition government. Nevertheless, so far, the Dutch government itself has refused to speak out against the website. 

MPs want Mr Rosenthal to do a better job of explaining that the Dutch parliament is against the hotline. CDA MP Henk Jan Ormel said that a clearer explanation is necessary because, outside the Netherlands, people apparently do not understand that the website is not a initiative of the Dutch government.

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