Rutte criticises Van Rompuy

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Outgoing Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte says he is not interested in “discussions on the future structure of Europe.” His comment was in response to statements made by EU President Herman van Rompuy on Monday.

Mr Rutte will meet Mr Van Rompuy in The Hague on Tuesday. “We have to solve problems now, not become engaged in discussions on the future structure of Europe,” Mr Rutte said. He emphasised that all member states have to meet the terms of the EU agreements regarding debt reduction, budgetary reform and promoting growth.

“This will help restore confidence. This is how countries like Greece and Spain will gradually resolve their problems. And then the Euro countries will begin to find a common purpose,” he said.

According to Rutte, this is the only way to create a solid foundation for better cooperation, including better oversight of financial institutions.

“Let no one think that a flight in institutional vistas will solve anything. We must address our problems right now.”

Mr Rutte will visit Spain and Portugal on Thursday, in preparation for a EU summit at the end of June. European Union government leaders hope to reach agreement on a common approach to the economic crisis.


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