Socialists remain largest party in polls

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The Dutch Socialist Party (SP) has the most support among Dutch voters, according to the latest poll from Maurice de Hond.

The latest poll results were released Sunday and are similar to last week's results. According to the poll, were elections held today, the SP would take 29 seats in the lower house of parliament. That's one seat less than indicated last week, but 14 more seats than the SP currently holds in parliament. 

Geert Wilders' Freedom Party (PVV) also lost one seat compared to last week's results, down to 24, the same amount that the party currently holds. The free-market liberal VVD party would take 25 seats, six less than it currently has. The Labour Party would take 21 seats and D66 would garner 16. 

Maurice de Hond's political preference polls are conducted over the internet using at least 2,500 respondents from a pool of over 40,000 people who have registered to participate.   


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