The State We’re In wins six medals at New York Festivals Awards

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The State We’re In has won a remarkable six medals, including two golds, at this year's New York Festivals International Radio Awards.

Editor Greg Kelly said "Given that there were over 200 entries from 30 countries, it's an astounding achievement. So congratulations to our listeners, too: it's your support that makes creating such prize-winning radio such a pleasure."

The winning medals were awarded to:

Justice for Sergei (Category: Best Coverage of Ongoing News Story) - Gold

William Browder managed the biggest fund in Russian history and it was stolen from him by corrupt government officials. The lawyer for his firm, Sergei Magnitsky, was imprisoned, tortured, and died after one year in custody. Now William is taking up the fight in honour of Sergei’s belief that justice will eventually prevail.

Salah the Runner (Category: Sports and Recreation) - Gold

Salah Ameidan dreams of going to the Olympics, and winning gold for his country. There’s just one problem: he’s Sahrawi, from the Western Sahara - a disputed territory that Morocco claims as its own.
Unable to represent his own people, and forced instead to run for the Moroccan national team, Salah hatched a plan that shocked his oppressors, but keeps his hopes of winning a medal, and homeland, alive.

Teljato (Category: Heroes) - Silver

Pino Maniaci was so fed up with the extortion and crime in his home town of Partinico, Sicily; he set up a TV station and started broadcasting the names of mob bosses living there. His station is now hugely popular – and is even watched by the Mafia themselves.He tells host Jonathan Groubert how “kicking Mafia ass” is worth the threats and attacks he’s had.

Two Enemies, One Heart (Category: Best Interview/Talk Special) - Silver

Two soldiers - one Iraqi and one Iranian - met on the battlefield. The Iranian saves the Iraqi’s life, risking his own in the process. Nearly 20 years later, and on the other side of the world, sheer coincidence brings the two men together again in a life-saving drama.

Requiem for Eli (Category: Human Relations) - Silver

Australian composer Nigel Westlake, pictured above, has created musical scores for hit movies like Babe and Miss Potter. But when his son Eli was killed by a drunk driver, he lost the will to make music. Yet loss eventually turned to inspiration when Eli became his muse and he composed a requiem for his son.

Loverboys (Category: Social Issues) - Bronze

Eline recounts how a nice first date turned out to be a dark introduction into the world of 'Loverboys' - young men who pose as potential boyfriends, then morph into violent pimps. She tells host Jonathan Groubert about being both their victim – and their accomplice.