Steer the RNW webcam!

RNW archive

This article is part of the RNW archive. RNW is the former Radio Netherlands Worldwide or Wereldomroep, which was founded as the Dutch international public broadcaster in 1947. In 2011, the Dutch government decided to cut funding and shift RNW from the ministry of Education, Culture and Science to the ministry of Foreign Affairs. More information about RNW Media’s current activities can be found at

Control our webcam and get a spectacular bird's eye view of Radio Netherlands Worldwide HQ and surrounding areas. Zoom in and out, pan and tilt for live images from Hilversum.

Webcam space courtesy of Alticom
  • Only one person can control the camera at a time
  • To take control, click the START CONTROL button at the bottom right of the applet screen.
  • As you wait to get control of the camera, you'll see a countdown indicating how much time there's left.
  • There are two ways to control the camera: you can use the pan and tilt scroll bars, or you can click anywhere in the image to centre the display on that particular area.
  • You can take a snapshot of any image displayed on the screen. The snapshot is opened in a new window, allowing you to save or print it using your browser.