Swiss offer hope for NedCar

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Swiss company Q-PM is willing to invest 700 million euros in NedCar, the Netherlands’ last remaining car production plant. NedCar is facing closure now that Japanese owner Mitsubishi plans to halt its European car production in 2013.

Q-PM wants to produce Wankel engines at the plant and promises that NedCar’s 1,500 employees will all be able to keep their jobs if the takeover goes ahead. The company has stated its intentions in an e-mail received by Dutch trade union FNV Bondgenoten, which has met with a cautious response.

The e-mail reveals that Q-PM’s CEO Geoffrey Hunziker has written to Mitsubishi and the Dutch union says the ball is now in Mitsubishi’s court. The plan will also be discussed by a special task force set up to find prospective buyers for NedCar.

The Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs, which forms part of the task force, says several parties are interested in NedCar and that all proposals are still open to discussion.

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