Watchdog sidelines DigiNotar

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DigiNotar, a Dutch company that issues certificates of authenticity aimed at protecting websites around the globe, must revoke all its certificates and is banned from issuing new ones, according to a ruling by Dutch telecommunications watchdog OPTA.

OPTA has investigated the company’s operational procedures and concluded that the reliability of DigiNotar certificates can no longer be guaranteed.

Certificates of authenticity are intended to guarantee the identity of the person or persons they are issued to.
OPTA decided to launch an investigation after hackers broke into DigiNotar at the end of August and issued fake certificates.

Some internet users who thought they were on a secure site could then have their messages read by anyone, including Iran’s security services. It was only recently that Iranian activists realised something was amiss.

Earlier, Interior Minister Piet Hein Donner announced he had lost all confidence in DigiNotar.


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