Wilders' security breached

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Special agents have succeeded in smuggling a firearm into the heavily-guarded offices of Geert Wilders' Freedom Party in the parliament buildings in The Hague. A source confirmed the operation, which took place several weeks ago, in Monday's edition of the Dutch daily De Telegraaf.

The newspaper report says the operation was carried out by the Special Security Assignments Brigade (BSB), a special unit of the Military Police. The test was carried out following a complaint from Mr Wilders that his security was inadequate.

A total of four attempts were made. Two were successful, two failed. Security at the parliament buildings has reportedly been tightened up since.

Visitors to the Dutch parliament pass through similar security as at airports. Coats and bags have to be handed in to cloakroom staff. Keys, wallets, belts and small bags are put in trays and run through an x-ray machine, while the visitors walk through a metal detector. Once through security, a guide takes them to the debating chamber. Party offices are off-limits and only accessible with special passes.

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