WorldPopContest 2012: Final

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Important: VOTING IS OVER - Please do not send us any more top 10s for this contest.

June 2012 was the month to vote for your top10s of the 15 songs in the just-for fun WorldPopContest.

'Rewards' on offer for those who voted were - first, for one person - a CD of their choice and a EuroHit40 or RNW T-shirt, plus a few other small goodies - and three such T-shirts for runners-up.

This contest was held purely for fun, all audio/video material has been found on public display on the internet or provided by those who have produced the music.

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How it works:
Your top 10s will be used to produce the points to be awarded by your country.
Results will be posted in July, T-shirt winners will also be announced in July.

You can - if you prefer - also see/hear 14 of the 15 songs (not song K) here in a special YouTube playlist.

Here are the 15 songs:


Song A - for IRELAND - is Margie

Performers: Heathers

Composers: Heathers


Song B - for the United Kingdom - is The Cheat

Performers: Nowhere To Run

Composers: Daniel Anstiss, Joe Curd, Stephen Airey, Alex Metliss

Listen here


Song C
 - for Algeria - is Pour l'Algerie

Performer: Lotfi Double Kanon

Composer: Lotfi Double Kanon


Song D - for Italy - is called La Notte

Performer: Arisa


Song E - for Iran - is called Bodo Dire

Performers: Barobax


Song F - for Ecuador - is La Pregunta de Cajón

performer: Mirella Cesa

composers: Mirella Cesa and Ivis Flies


Song G - for Greece - is Pio Psila

Performers: Vegas


Song H - for Bulgaria - is called Vinagi Tvoya

Performer: Nevena Peykova

Composers: Emilia Marinova Ilieva and Iasen Vedrin




Song I - for New Zealand - is Lights Go Out

Performer: Dane Rumble

Composer: Dane Rumble

Song J - for Sweden - is Sober

Performer: Loreen


Song K - for India - is Krishna Tu Hain Kaha (Lord Krishna, I am missing you)

Performer: Chandrodaya Biswas

Composer: Chandrodaya Biswas


Song L - for Lithuania - is Fly LT

Performers: The Artrace

Composers: The Artrace, Gediminas Gelgotas


Song M - for Colombia - is Hasta El Techo

Performers: Chocquibtown

Composers: Chocquibtown



Song N - for the Netherlands - is Wish I Could

Performers: Miss Montreal



Song O - for Brazil - is Teu Lugar é Aqui

Performers: Ellens


RESULTS will be announced in July 2012...