WorldPopContest 2012: stage two

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In stage two of the just-for-fun WorldPopContest 2012 we asked you to help choose the songs to represent these four countries (see below) in the contest. Now we can reveal how you voted.

Meanwhile, voting has now opened for the FINAL of this competition. If you'd like to have your say, click here to hear all 15 songs and find out how to vote.

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Voting for this selection is NOW CLOSED

A) for New Zealand

Song a1) Received 20 votes (goes to the Final)


Song a2) Received 5 votes


B) for India

Song b1) Received 31 votes (goes to the Final)

Song b2) Received 16 votes

C) for the United Kingdom

Song c1)  Received 21 votes (goes to the Final)

listen here


Song c2) Received 5 votes




 D) Netherlands


Song d1) Received 10 votes

Song d2) Received 11 votes (goes to the Final)